Hello all,

Throughout 2016 we are making a significant change to our distribution policy, and as of now any future module updates will be OPEN SOURCE!
Thats right, all moules will now come without encoding, preventing any issues with ioncube and version incompatibilities.

So far we have released open source updates for the following modules:

WHMCS Support Extended

On a more technical level these and future updates also rewrite alot of the core coding, making use of the database PDO abstraction layer provided in V6.

As all updates from now on were V6 only anyway, it made sense to develop "ahead of the curve" with mysql functionality in php and whmcs being removed in future versions.

We are working through updates as fast as we can, and evey one will be open source with notifications being sent through our newsletter. If your not already subscribed consider doing so to follow the update schedule.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

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