Hello all,

As already released, throughout 2016 we are making a significant change to our distribution policy, and as of now any future module updates will be OPEN SOURCE!

So far we have released open source updates for the following modules:

WHMCS Support Extended

And today we are releasing yet another OPEN SOURCE module update, this is for one of our biggest sellers over the years:


This module has been deprecated in favour of the newer more flexible WHMCS CMS PLUS, but as agreed previously we would continue to update the this module for a certain time.

This we are sad to say will be the last update for this module as we move forwards with the newer CMS module mentioned above.

This update keeps the module compatible with whmcs v6 up to the current version but we cant guarantee compatibility past the current whmcs 6.2.2 update.

As previously offered we are giving everybody who owns this module the opportunity to upgrade to the newer CMS module with 50% off.

If you havent already upgraded and plan to, please let us know by opening a ticket in our support area and we will create the reduced rate upgrade order for you.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

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