You may or may not of know we have a WHMCS backup module which used to backup all of your files by zipping them and then storing them into a backup directory.

You may even have this product. It used to be called WHMCS File Backup. after the update we are announcing today it has been renamed to just WHMCS Backup.

You may be wondering why the name change? Well this is because:


The MySQL database for your site is arguably more important than the files, and we have listened. Now the DB gets backed up and put with the files of your site before the zip files are created, so now you have a full file and db backup.

Whats more is we now have added 3 massive new features that im sure you will agree make this module ten times more improved than it was.

1. Advanced Cron job support.

Now you are not bound by the once a day nature of the WHMCS cron, you can create a cron job with the frequency you want to create the backups.

2. Remote FTP Server Backups.

We have added support for uploading the backup to a remote FTP server to store off site backups.

3. Amazon S3 Backups.

Yes you asked for it and we have delivered. Now you can link the backup module to your S3 account, choose a bucket (we've also made it easy for you to create a bucket), and send the backups to the S3 Bucket when generated.

View the updated product page with more feature details and screenshots here: WHMCS Backup.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

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