No Half Pixels are proud to announce another great update for one of our flagship products, the WHMCS Pages Module. 

This update has a few bugs that have been addressed, but more importantly it contains a few new features which are a great addition to the base module. Take a look at some of the new features below: 

  • Choose a color scheme and number of comments with the Facebook comments widget 
  • Updated CKEditor to v4 
  • You can now add/edit/remove custom meta information for the page (used through smarty variables in the page content) 
  • Added an RSS feed for the created pages 
  • Added canonical Link to prevent duplicate content issues 
  • Added Nicedit editor option 
  • Added admin widget for most viewed/recently updated pages with quick links to creating pages 
  • The new module is also 1/2 the size with all none used files being removed from the module folders (example uses of the editors, etc) 

This will be our last update for the module before the new year, so we made sure it was a big one. We hope you will like the new changes.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

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