As promised we here at No Half Pixels are starting 2013 with a bang.

You may of already seen major updates to some of our modules and in 2013 we intend to deliver more modules, more updates, and more documentation on the site (as well as a few other things we would like to keep a secret for now).

To start the year off we are doing a double module release of two modules which have been highly requested.

Not only are we releasing two modules today. We are offering a buy one get one half price on these two modules*

When ordering simply enter the promo code: JANBOGOHP

So lets talk about the modules.

WHMCS Reviews

"The WHMCS Reviews Module adds another layer of social interaction to your website, and provides prospective clients with an honest (hopefully good) idea (testimonial/review) of the level of support, or quality of services you provide."

The title explains it all we think, this is a reviews module for whmcs. Not only can clients submit reviews for you as an overall company. But we have added support for reviewing specific products (review links for products are automatically added to the "management actions" section of the service in the clients account)

See more info on the module including screenshots here:


WHMCS Bouncebacks

"The WHMCS Bouncebacks Module makes monitoring bounced emails a breeze with a simple install you no longer need to worry about clients miss spelling there addresses. If an email gets bounced back you will know about it."

The bouncebacks module is quite simply a solution to an overlooked problem within WHMCS. When a client has an email address on there account that is mis spelt this module will let you know about it, giving you the opportunity to address the issue and get in contact with your client.

See more info on the module and screenshots here:

So two new modules for January, we look forward to offering you many more modules and products in the coming months.

We hope 2012 was good to you, and offer you our greatest wishes for 2013 and beyond.

* The promotion only applies to the above mentioned modules, and requires both to be ordered at the same time. This offer is on top of your usual 10% overall discount for being a valued client.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

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