The WHMCS Forum module is the most advanced user interaction module for WHMCS. It is a full forum application in its own right and integrates seamlessly with WHMCS and your clients.

Yes you asked for it, and we listened, we are announcing probably our biggest and feature full module yet, a full forum addon for WHMCS.

Once installed (which simply involves uploading to the correct directory) it is ready to go. All your clients can access the forum, all admins can moderate it and forums / boards / topics / replies can be created.

All forum templates intergrate seamlessly with the default WHMCS template, and any bootstrap css styled website. The templates provided also provide each element with a unique class so custom styling is easy to achieve.

There is no additional registration needed by your clients, or login shares, the forum user base is your client list!

The whmcs forum module is in its infancy right now with version 1 being just released, however it has a great and extensive feature list which is being added to all the time:

  • Board and Topic Searches
  • Forums (categories), Boards (with nested boards), Topics (with replies) layout
  • Twitter bootstrap styling enabled
  • SEO urls available (requires mod_rewrite)
  • Read Only / Hidden status for guests
  • Topic subscriptions and notifications
  • Clients are users, Admins are moderators
  • Create custom topic status groups, and assign groups on a per board basis
  • Custom profile data (separate to WHMCS custom fields)
  • Forum Signatures
  • Forum Display Name
  • Custom Forum Breadcrumbs (can be enabled or disabled)
  • Optional Require Login for access

Checkout what were up to in our feature request forum to see whats coming in future versions.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

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