Hello all,

We have just updated two of our popular WHMCS modules to include some great new features.

We also have some big new modules being released in the coming weeks, and finish off the summer we have decided to offer each and every one of you a one time 25% promotion.

Using the promo code 8X5J9LLHRT you can recieve 25% off your order price. This is a one time promotion and only applies once per person, so make sure you have all the modules/themes you want in the cart before using it.

This promotion will run for one week as of today the 23rd August 2014 through to the 30th August 2014.

Existing clients will still get there usual 10% off the invoice price ONTOP of this offer, so current purchasers can get those other modules your interested in.

The modules updated this week are:

WHMCS Cleaner

We have added auto accept pending paid orders to the module, and fixed a small bug with manual operation.

WHMCS Response Times

Now you can add the response time of your support area to ANY email sent by WHMCS using the generated merge fields.

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

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