Well, that’s the tagline. For its time WHMCS was revolutionary. A way for anyone with even a passing interest in setting up their own web hosting company to manage and allocate resources and bill their clients.


We know that tens of thousands of people have taken this step and have created a successful business using the WHMCS platform. It is the industry standard after all.


On the other hand;

Any long-term user of WHMCS knows it has shortcomings. It doesn’t make life as easy as it could. 

Many of the issues that impact both the function of the platform and the quality of life for its users have existed since the platform was launched. 


The world has moved on. While WHMCS offers a solid reliable base for your web hosting business, using it for any length of time reveals some shortcomings that are hard to forgive.


Some of these shortcomings have existed in WHMCS, for more than a decade and there is no plan published by the developers to fix them.


In short, once you scale up, start getting clients, using the system often. Wanting to do anything slightly off the beaten track in terms of what you offer to your hosting clients…  WHMCS becomes a chore.


That’s where WHMCS Module Shop comes in.


Add extra functionality in the form of essential features and a huge quality of life improvements to your WHMCS website. Improve your user experience and workflow.  You’ll have more time to create a great business and need less time managing your WHMCS website with these WHMCS Module Shop essentials. 

Marketing WHMCS

You aren’t alone in the hosting market. Ask yourself this question; Why would anyone looking for a website host choose your business specifically? How do you stand out from the crowd? 


Hosting is a lucrative business. Often providing an almost passive income to the provider. But that also means there are many other providers out there, all wanting their piece of the market. You need to market your WHMCS site effectively. As standard, without of the box WHMCS, this isn’t as easy as it should be.


What if you want to promote your hosting website using sound SEO. Create content that Google will index and rank? 

Well, that’s hard with stand-alone WHMCS. If you can code you can alter the HTML and CSS and fashion content of a sort, you might also consider setting up subdomains with a CMS to support your hosting site.


These are possible solutions for the technically able – but even these are a bit messy and unconnected.

Wouldn’t it be better to have a content management system built into WHMCS?

https://whmcsmoduleshop.com/whmcs-modules/content-management-system Setting up product groups, adding descriptions, linking to your Twitter account for effective social media outreach. Module Shop for WHMCS offers all this functionality.


How about the technical side of an effectively promoted WHMCS website? The technical side of SEO?

Again, we have a solution. Manage your site map and Robots.txt file to make sure only the best content is indexed? Use open graph mark-up? Have multilingual options? Create product and service descriptions that Google will pick up and use in its search listings for your site? https://whmcsmoduleshop.com/whmcs-modules/sitemap


Security and WHMCS

A nightmare for website owners is a site crash. An irretrievable data loss or the loss of an entire site. While not common, it does happen. As standard, the WHMCS platform offers little in the way of security.

WHMCS module shop offers the backup to put your mind at ease.

  • Schedule backups

  • Decide which files to include or exclude

  • Save the database, the files or both

  • Save to a connected S3 account Email confirmation of a successful backup

These are essential features. They offer peace of mind when things are going well and work effectively and without fuss if or when your site runs into trouble.

You can be back up and running within hours.

Never lose an existing client or scare off a new one due to a site failure.

Created At: 06/02/2020