We are proud to announce the WHMCS Module Shop has been relaunched!

So much has changed, we really feel this relaunch will be great for our valued clients.

A New Support Team!

Should you need any support from us there is a new and expanded team ready and waiting to assist.

When you open a ticket look out for David, Craig, Paul C, Mark, Paul E, and Reiss.

This is one of the key areas the previous Module Shop failed, providing much needed support. With the significantly expanded and eager team we hope your experience requesting support is not only valuable but swift.

A New Development Team and Development Process!

The previous Module Shop was just one developer/support operator/website manager. Well not anymore!

We have 3 core developers on the project (Lee, Richard and Dan) who have taken all of the previous modules as inspiration and built a brand new module system. Taking advantage of the latest PHP techniques, WHMCS development tools, source control and continuous integration concepts to a level not previously seen on the Module Shop.

You can now rely on battle tested, stable and frequently updated modules from the Module Shop.

With 3 developers working on features locally, then in a test environment and finally on our own site before being released you can rely on stable upgrades (seamless too with our new automatic updater)!

A New Website!

The previous Module Shop website was stuck on WHMCS 7.1.2 for a long time. This had many drawbacks such as payment gateway bugs, lack of latest features, and inability to take advantage of the performance improvements with PHP.

The new team is not stuck in the past, we have and will aim to always have the latest version of WHMCS in use on our site.

With the new website upgrade comes a new website template, we hope you like the familiar but updated pages, and if you have any issues navigating or finding things just let us know.

And finally...

A Brand New Module System And Pricing Structure!

Gone are the days of 10-20 modules, all compatible with differing versions of WHMCS. We have spent along time deciding on this new system and we believe it not only makes our lives easier, but you're experience 100% better.

Our new Module System can be considered a bit like a "Module Club". You get 1 module to install, update and maintain. This single module includes all of the functionality we have ever and  ever will develop for WHMCS.

There are many advantages to this, maintenance being the primary driver. A new version of WHMCS comes out? No Problem! We only need to provide compatibility in on module so the updates will be available thick and fast! And you only need to upgrade 1 module!

Another key advantage for you is the pricing/licensing structure. First off you purchase a "Module Limit", not a specific module (you have access to all of them). Decide you don't need the CMS module anymore? No problem! Just deactivate it and activate another one of our offerings. You can change which modules are in use at anytime, all from within your own admin area. The only limiting factor is your Module Limit.

The Module Limit is defined by the service you purchase. This service is a recurring service, but don't worry once purchased your license will remain active forever! You just won't benefit from included support or be able to update the module in future.

Alongside the added flexibility in choice is a saving too. Your average module purchase from other providers is around $50 per year (sometimes much higher). For a single module from us you could expect that cost to be $40. Not much difference we agree, however the benefit grows with the Module Limit.

Module Limit Pricing

Buy a Module Limit of 1 and pay $40 ($10 Saving!)

Buy a Module Limit of 5 and pay $160 ($90 Saving!)

Buy a Module Limit of 10 and pay $320 ($180 Saving!)

Buy a Module Limit of 15 and pay $480 ($270 Saving!)

Or go all out and get the Unlimited Package and pay just $800 (Thats just 16 modules with average prices from other providers!)

The Unlimited plan is truly unlimited, if we make 100 modules  you will get access to all of them.

* Prices correct as of November 2019 and subject to change in future.

Created At: 05/11/2019