Fix relative urls for seo module Fix tinymce theme path issue in sub folder installs Fix backup using newer symfony process class, blocking background cron updates for core whmcs

Created At: 09/02/2020


Fix some lingering ssl url issues for admin module files Added deletion of partial backup files for failed jobs on cron Added deletion of completed backup files from disks when deleted from the module Explicitly use the quick database dump option for db backups Added an attempt to save backup job state in a timeout situation Added average ticket resolution stats (time between open...

Created At: 25/01/2020


Fix asset ssl urls in admin area Fix prevent backup failing if file requested for backup no longer exists Fix prevent consistently failing or stuck jobs from re-running Added active states of the current url contains a menu items uri Added error alert should an unhandled admin error occur providing additional support information

Created At: 18/01/2020


Fix relative urls in admin area Add version string to js file urls to cache bust assets Fix ticket limit not being used in statistics module Fix possible empty error message on module activation Display unlimited status for unlimited plan users Extracted core inline js/css into external files Fix missing data in admin review notification Force rebuild stats when viewing the...

Created At: 28/11/2019


Fix Fast Track module possibly preventing activation of the main module

Created At: 25/11/2019


Refactored admin template logic for modules Extracted some js from the core module into external js files Redeveloped and added the Fast Track module Protection against products not being in active groups within set client groups module

Created At: 24/11/2019


Added troubleshooting docs for the auto update mechanism Added troubleshooting docs for backups not completing/out of memory errors on cron Suppressed backup disk creation error and updated docs to warn about using the connection test to ensure backup folders are accessible Fix  data-api  override not being respected for the review plugins Fix reviews not being possible to supply...

Created At: 23/11/2019


Fix for Reviews api when WHMCS setting redirect to the clientarea is used Fix SEO legacy import which assumed no existing and incremental ids Fix Cleaner by chunking log entry results into 250 item chunks preventing too many parameters pdo error Reduced License/Update check to 10 days by default Added option to set License/Update check between 1 and 30 days

Created At: 20/11/2019


Fix typo in Set Client Groups  Capsule  class usage Fix leading slash in custom sitemap links Fix prevent rows being blurred when entering data in sitemap module Fix prevent changing an menu items order blurring inputs in menu manager Ensure all tables are created (or updated) to use InnoDB storage engine to prevent key length errors on install

Created At: 19/11/2019


Fix missing meta on single cms responses Fix prevent rewrite url generation running on custom defined sitemap links Added status feature to custom content where items can be enabled or disabled to prevent being rendered Fix force https urls for gravatars on reviews Updated the admin module homepage styling and logos Various updates to the update mechanism

Created At: 17/11/2019