Submitting Bug Reports

Lee Mason
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When submitting Bug Report please consider the following before submitting:

  1. If you are using a customized version does the bug still exist when using a stock version?
  2. Have you logged onto the site and made sure you are using the latest version?
  3. Does reuploading the latest version to your server fix the issue?
  4. DO NOT submit login or personal details into forum topics, reports of this nature should be submitted to the support ticket area.
  5. Is there already a bug report for this issue in our forums?

If none of the above address the issue please try to submit as much detail as possible:

  1. Images/Videos to reproduce the error are great
  2. Please describe the EXACT steps to reproduce the error
  3. Describe if the error happens every time, or intermittently

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27/04/2014 21:16:08