[WontAdd] Topic in forum without adding a board

Roger Castelijn
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Hi there,

Structure less deep.
Hi, if you currently look at this forum the structure is quite deep: 

What i want to create is 


So in short, when i start with a empty forum you see the forums and directly in there the post, without creating a extra board.
I have create a screenshot to mark where to create a new topic: 

Hope my explenation is clear.



14/06/2014 01:39:57

Lee Mason
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Hello Rog3r,

I see what you are saying, but this isnt something we are going to add to the forum as the structure is set in stone, and changing it would effect the ability to have the flexibility we have right now.

It would be a step backwards.

We may however add view stats to the topics soon, and possibly show the most active topics when viewing the main forum page.

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02/07/2014 11:20:08