[Request] Intergration with wbteampro module

Lee Mason
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Requested by a client.

Would be great to have intergration with this module and the WBteapro project management module, to offer an alternative management solution.

There module is so indepth, and we have been generously offered access to the module by its developers to help the intergration proccess.

We will make a start on this as soon as we can, updating this thread as we go.

Director at No Half Pixels Ltd.

01/07/2014 15:28:32

Chris Bigelow
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We use WB Team Pro and just love it. The developer (David) is really cool too, very helpful and prompt to reply, awesome support. I am excited to know when this will be ready. Thanks Lee!

01/07/2014 17:56:06

Jonny Hardwick
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Agreed! I didn't know of the existance of WB Team Pro until now but I've just checked it out and it looks decent. I particularly like the task grouping feature. That's a feature that the standard WHMCS PM module lacks. I'll have a proper look at it tomorrow to see if its suitable for our needs.

26/07/2014 00:17:11