Page Archiving and revisions with notes

Kendall Q Morrison
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We have to keep a set of external revision files for all the Pages we have. It would be nice if there were revisioning where we could archive a page and append a note to it. When viewing the archives there could just be a tiny page icon and it would reveal the note as a popup. This would give us the opportunity to archive the page and make a note like: "Prior to adding info on XYZ product line" or "XYZ product line added and page proofed". In one embodiment, simple sequentially archived pages maybe "1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8" each with rollover effect displaying details: the note, the edit date and views (if the page was live how many views did this revision receive) and if there is a publish state, was it ever published.

Additionally, the ability to edit and work on a page, and then Publish it (leaving a prior fully edited page live until the new revision was final) would be nice.


20/08/2014 17:59:58