[InProgress] Problems with custom themes

Serkan Görmüs
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Hello, I am using the emily-theme for wordpress. The addon WHMCS SEO is not working on my page: http://www.sekohosting.net/service/domainchecker.php


Its a wordpress/whmcs integration theme-bundle... http://demo.whmcsconnect.com/wordpress/emily/ I contacted the template owner, to solve my problems he wants to know the following question:

"Could you please ask the developer of that add-on what needs to be added into the header if you're using a custom template? Or do they provide any documents for that? Thanks!"


Please help, why this theme is not working on domainchecker.php? I set it up correctly...

The Seo-Title Tag, whic was setup is: "Domains günstig registrieren - Sekohosting"

But see: Freie Domainsuche - Sekohosting


29/12/2014 12:12:48

Lee Mason
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hello Serkan,

I dont have any previous experience with that theme in particular, but the module is designed to work with whmcs itself, not with 3rd party intergrations, although a full and working intergration should yeild the same results.

The module adjusts the title tag before the page is loaded using the ClientAreaPage hook to adjust the $pagetitle variable before it is loaded into the template.

Also the module makes use of the ClientAreaHeaderOutput hook to add the meta tags which get displayed by the template tag $headoutput

As long as the intergration makes use of these tags correctly the page title should be adjusted.

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31/12/2014 20:11:30

Andrew Kostiris
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I have installed the SEO manager and have the following problem:

1. I am using the six theme template
2. Is there any shortcode that needs to be inserted in the header.tpl as the Title and description tags are not showing

03/07/2017 21:53:36