White screen on module install, nhp_license_check class not found issues

Lee Mason
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We get multiple tickets submitted regarding a white screen on activation of module, and/or php errors along the lines of:

failed to a call a member function (check_license()) of a none object.

nhp_license_check class not found

All of these issues can be solved by following the install instructions provided in the license welcome email sent to you after your purchase. Please make sure whenever installing a module you follow the install proceadure provided even if you have installed modules in the past.

Specifically you need to pay special attention to installing the nhp_license_manager module which is attached to the welcome email.

All No Half Pixels modules are licensed, and to ensure all modules check licenses in the same way (and to make updates to the license script seamless) this is handled not by the module itself, but by the license manager module.


The license manager module doesnt need to be activated (although it can be which shows you your licenses) but it does need to be uploaded so the purchased module(s) can make use of its license checking capability.

Please make sure you doubled checked the install instructions in your welcome email before submitting a ticket, it would also help to just have a quick scan through the forum to see if your specific issue has been seen before as there very well might be a solution provided that would negate the need to open a ticket.

Director at No Half Pixels Ltd.

25/04/2015 13:10:19