WHMCS 6 compatibilty?

Grzegorz Wołoszyn
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when we can expect WHMCS 6 compatibility for WHMCS Pages module?


EDIT: I'm not sure how others but in my scenario where WHMCS is runned on Windows system I'm getting constant error in system audit log telling about template files:

Smarty Error: Unable to load template file '......PATH.....\WHMCS/templates/default/\modules\addons\pages\default.tpl.tpl'

11/07/2015 04:58:53

Lee Mason
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hello grzegorz,

just replying so others are aware. the pages module has been updated to be v6 compatible. grzegorz issues seems to be very system specific and/or whmcs based and not a general error of the module that other people will suffer from.

We have 1000's of people using the pages module, many of which are now running the latest version on v6 without issue so generally speaking people can be confident in upgrading.

Director at No Half Pixels Ltd.

14/07/2015 16:11:41