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Neil H.
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Hello Lee,

I noticed there had been no updates to the change log to Pages. I then saw you had a new product. CMS plus.

Could you please update the change logs so they are all in one place?  You do not appear to have 1.60 or 1.61 in KB and missing 1.61 in Forum (here).


I know you are busy, but could you please tell me what the diferences are between CMS and Pages?  Can you make a comparison table or something along those lines? Or perhaps Benefits of each and Missing from each?

Thanks Lee.


p.s. You mentioned you would migrate to USD. When will that happen? Currency exchange costs with Paypal etc inflate prices by another 5-10%.

01/08/2015 02:00:38

Lee Mason
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hi neil,

Yes we do still have plans to make usd our base currency, the only delay here is the v6 compatibility. While we have full compatibility we are still spending alot of time with clients who havent installed the updates and/or patch files we have released. and with 1000's of clients comes 1000's of tickets with the same content.

Right now we are just monitoring this as we still have up to 20 tickets per day of clients who just need to update to resolve any issues, but obviously each one of these we need to take the time to help and respond to which has had a significant impact on new developments.

When v6 settles down and we can see everyone getting up to date we can then move onto things we were working on before which include the currency change.


Regarding the cms module/ pages the major differences are (all cms module):

1. template inheritance (the module will load the template based on id, then content type, then the default (and it will look in the template folder for all of these before falling back to the templates the module provides.

2. addition of different content types (allowing you to create content types like blogs, news, etc all of which can optionally have archive/list pages)

3. better admin layout, and edit forms

4. better ssl support.


Basically everything you can do in the pages module, you can do plus more in the cms module.


Regarding the changelogs, again this is something we are trying to bring fully over to the forum and not the kb, but with the above mentioned delays re v6 it hasnt yet happened.

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06/08/2015 13:41:41