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Jonny Hardwick
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Hi Lee,

I have a small request for this module. For the ticket that gets opened when a project is provisioned I'd like to be able to change the status of when it's opened to "In Progress". Currently you can do this for the project, but there's no option to do the same for the project ticket, so by default it's set to "Open". This means that we have a ton of tickets set to "Open" in our incoming tickets which don't actually require a reply until the client has replied to it. When a client replies to the project ticket is when it should be set to "Customer Reply" and go into the "Tickets Awaiting Reply" queue. Obviously "Open" tickets go in there too so currently we have to manually change the status of all project tickets to "In Progress" as soon as they are opened. I'd like to automate this.



02/10/2015 15:13:32