[Request] Badges Module

Draven Vestatt
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I'd like to request a badges module that allows the admin to create bades for clients to earn and be displayed in client area based on user engagement on the site. Including, but not limited to your other modules, such as: X amount of forum posts, comments on blog, writing a review, etc, etc... In fact, I'm just going to go ahead and try to do a list off of the top of my head:


1.| Product Purchases.

2.| Anniversary Dates(from registration)

3.| Module particpation, like forum use, blog use, etc.

4.| Ticket use

5.| Affliate use

6.| Knowledge base use

7.| Viewing annoucements.

8.| Spending X amount in purchases.

9.| Purchase renewels

10.| X amount in credit.

11.| X amount of support replies to tickets

12.| X amount of stars for support replies

For Reviews

1.| X amount of reviews

2.| X amount of length/characters in a review

For Forum Module:

1.| X amount of Topics.

2.| X amount of Replies.

3.| X amount of Spam Reports.

4.| Filling out all profile fields.

For Blog Module:

1.| Creating a blog post.

2.| Creating a page.

3.| X amount of comments.

4.| X amount of page views.

5.| X amount of blog post views.



16/10/2015 00:50:48