Is 110 too high a level for new players?

Jensen Breck
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Recently i've tried getting both my girlfriend, and 2 other IRL friends, all of which are into games, to start WoW. Only my GF made it to level 110. All 3 however were incredibly put off by the idea of levelling through 110 levels. Now, as a regular player, we know it doesnt take that long. But when someone hears "Yeah, so, to get to the main chunk of the game you gotta level up 110 times before you can start to do the same content as everyone else" the general reply is to complain about how ridiculous that is. Its got me thinking of how many potential new players WoW is losing simply from the idea that levelling so much is gonna take an incredible amount of effort and time. Im not saying WoW is doomed, based on experiences in game, it feels pretty healthy and highly populated, but is it time blizzard decided to do a level squish of sorts? I'm not even personally sure how they would do this, but surely it would make the game more attractive to potential new players?



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