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Lee Mason
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We have just had a question about mobile viewing of the forum module and how it works.

First off the forum is designed around using tables for display, this is to ensure the maximum compatability between templates by used all forum purchasers. But tables dont lend themselves to responsive design very well.

However as you will see with our site, the default whmcs template, and any template that is designed with Twitter bootstrap v2 some of the less important stats and counts etc will hide on smaller devices.

This is via use of the .hidden-phone helper class provided by bootstrap and works perfectly to hide elements on smaller screens leaving the main content free to format correctly on smaller devices.

So the forum is not 100% responsive, but it does as best a job it can at being responsive and on twitter bootstrap templates looks perfect.

Director at No Half Pixels Ltd.

02/05/2014 17:13:42