[Open] Create Tickets when invoices overdue

Lee Mason
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Someone has requested a module that creates a ticket with a custom message when an invoice becomes overdue.

Options needed would be as follows:

  1. Select Product Group
  2. Select Overdue status (first/second/third notice)
  3. Message for ticket (with some merge fields, invoice id, invoice url, invoice amount, etc)
  4. Ticket Status

Then when an overdue reminder is sent create the ticket.

We should also look into if its possible to only open 1 ticket for all client overdue invoices if theres more than 1 on the same day.

Director at No Half Pixels Ltd.

02/05/2014 21:39:43

Medhat Mohamed
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Wonderful, We wait this module as soon :)

Good luck

Best Regards

02/05/2014 21:14:58