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Lee Mason
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At the time of writting this topic we have two licensing terms for our modules.

This is as a result of originally offering annual licensing, but later switching to one time license payments as we felt it better supported our business model.

You may find some older modules are still offered under an annual license as we have yet to migrate them to a one time license, or when you purchased the service it was under the annual license terms. Any modules previously purchased (or new purchases) under annual license terms will follow the annual license terms, and one time licenses will follow the one time license terms.

If you have an annual license for a module and would like to switch please let us know by opening a ticket, if we have the module setup in the new licensing terms will can just create an upgrade order for you, if not we will do our best to get new license terms for the module setup in our admin so we can upgrade you at the earliest possible conveniance.


Below are the Annual License terms:

All annual No Half Pixels WHMCS Products come with a 12 month license (unless otherwise stated).

This license/payment scedule has been designed to provide you (the client) with the best possible price/support option.

To do this we only use 1 basic payment system (anually). This anually payment term covers you for 12 months product updates and support.

The anual system allows us to keep our prices lower meaning a smaller outlay for you, and it also means you can choose to stop paying after 12 months.

Obviously we would like you continue using our products, be we know from experience that business needs change, and we dont want out clients to pay out large sums of money to find out they no longer need the product after 12 months. The anual system means your outlay is minimal at all times.

The anual system also pushes the owness onto us to make sure the addons/products are always at there best and worth paying for.

We always aim to provide the best support and product features. Giving our clients the option to cancel the products strengthens our need to continue to provide this leading support and addon updates.


Below are the One Time License terms:

All one time No Half Pixels  WHMCS Products come with a lifetime license (unless otherwise stated).

This lifetime license will be valid indefinatley.

Upon purchase you will recieve 12 months complimentary Support and Updates for the module (identified by an active support and updates addon for the product).

During this time new support tickets and products updates are available to you at no extra cost.

When this 12 month period ends a renewl invoice will be generated and sent to you for continued support and updates (this is currently a standard price of £16.00GBP per year, but is subject to change).

This invoice when paid will renew your availability for support and updates.

The invoice renewal is optional and is not required for your license to work. If not renewed future updates and support will not be provided.

If the invoice gets marked as cancelled (as it will if you choose not to renew) you can still later on request this renewal and we will manually resend the invoice for you (a support ticket will need to be opened).

Director at No Half Pixels Ltd.

03/09/2015 13:48:25

Jason Peachey
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So I have previously purchased a ton of your modules, 9 to be exact. Back when I purchased them you did NOT have this after 12 months you gotta pay me more money bit. I paid top buck for the modules I purchased now and now I have to pay more to get an update for my site ?

I am not to impressed by this, I now have to hand out MORE money for something I already purchased ? There was no mention at the time of purchase that I would have to pay every 12 months for updates ....

12/04/2015 01:19:55

Lee Mason
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Hello Jason,

Our module license terms have been the same since we started selling them, no changes have been made the information regarding this has simply moved.

Please understand that one time purchases will result in a lifetime license, your license will not need to be renewed. however you must understand as with most things (cars, electronics, software) indefinate lifetime updates and support is simply not feasible, software developers wouldnt be able to sustain a viable business if they provided free support and updates for a lifetime.

Our license terms are the same as whmcs itself to ensure consistency as our software is directly related to that core product.

I thinks its also key to mention if you dont need additional support, or dont feel the need for an update after 12 months you are under no obligation to renew the support and updates package. An invoice is automatically generated for it, but you can let us know you dont need it, or simply let it expire and you wont be charged anything unless you renew it.

Director at No Half Pixels Ltd.

25/04/2015 13:17:00

Mauricio Castro
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03/10/2015 22:58:41

Draven Vestatt
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I know this is reviving an old topic, but i'm just voicing my opinion for anyone else who may read this topic. The license is pretty standard. Not just here, but pretty much any where for software that will require maintaince upgrades. The license is fair in my opinion...

15/10/2015 23:55:55