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[Request] 12 month project due date option
Can I also request please: 5 weeks 6 weeks 7 weeks 8 weeks We have some projects with a due date of 5 weeks but this can either be set at 1 month or 2 months. Currently we're having to set this at 2 months and it's way off...
Started By: Lee Mason, At 23/04/2015 14:47:44
Views: 1146
Replies: 2
Jonny Hardwick
At 02/10/2015 15:19:23
[Request] Ticket Status
Hi Lee, I have a small request for this module. For the ticket that gets opened when a project is provisioned I'd like to be able to change the status of when it's opened to "In Progress". Currently you can do this for the..
Started By: Jonny Hardwick, At 02/10/2015 15:13:31
Views: 1108
Replies: 1
Jonny Hardwick
At 02/10/2015 15:13:32
[Request] Intergration with wbteampro module
Agreed! I didn't know of the existance of WB Team Pro until now but I've just checked it out and it looks decent. I particularly like the task grouping feature. That's a feature that the standard WHMCS PM module lacks. I'll have a..
Started By: Lee Mason, At 01/07/2014 15:28:32
Views: 1478
Replies: 3
Jonny Hardwick
At 26/07/2014 00:17:11
[Request] Assign clients to premium groups if they reach pre defined "MONTHLY" income amounts
This would basically be the same as the existing feature fore "Assign clients to premium groups if they reach pre defined income amounts" but for MONTHLY income amounts as opposed to overall income amounts. They would also automatically..
Started By: Jonny Hardwick, At 25/07/2014 22:32:41
Views: 1000
Replies: 1
Jonny Hardwick
At 25/07/2014 22:32:41
[Request] Recurring Invoices
It would be great if new invoices were assigned automatically to projects, not just the first invoice. As you know, our projects are ongoing and our clients regularly pay us for monthly services. The new Recurring Tasks feature you implemented has..
Started By: Jonny Hardwick, At 28/05/2014 12:28:35
Views: 1269
Replies: 4
Jonny Hardwick
At 02/09/2014 18:44:57
[Added] Recurring Tasks
The best way to go about it I think would be to have a checkbox next to each task (when putting them into the provisioning module and/or via the project management module itself) which says "recurring task", then you check the box to..
Started By: Lee Mason, At 30/04/2014 09:12:26
Views: 2008
Replies: 10
Jonny Hardwick
At 02/10/2015 15:08:04