License Information

All No Half Pixels WHMCS Products come with a 12 month license (unless otherwise stated).

This license/payment scedule has been designed to provide you (the client) with the best possible price/support option.


Put quite simply No Half Pixels belives in simplicity (hell thats why we develop the modules, to make your life easier).

To do this we only use 1 basic payment system (anually). This anually payment term covers you for 12 months product updates and support.


The anual system allows us to keep our prices lower meaning a smaller outlay for you, and it also means you can choose to stop paying after 12 months.

Obviously we would like you continue using our products, be we know from experience that business needs change, and we dont want out clients to pay out large sums of money to find out they no longer need the product after 12 months. The anual system means your outlay is minimal at all times.


The anual system also pushes the owness onto us to make sure the addons/products are always at there best and worth paying for.

We always aim to provide the best support and product features. Giving our clients the option to cancel the products strengthens our need to continue to provide this leading support and addon updates.


99% of the time this license/payment terms setup are very well accepted by our clients.

But if however you would really like to use our products, but really dont want these license terms, we are happy for you to contact us and we can discuss a custom solution. Please bear in mind that the prices for a custom setup would be larger than the current offerings, due to the reasons above.

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