Detecting module generated pages in WHMCS Templates

Sometimes simply generating pages using the WHMCS Pages module is not enough, you may want to alter the templates layout, or display additional content within the template on generated pages.

To do so the module defines a smarty variable which you can use to check if it is a WHMCS Pages module generated page.

The variable in question is called whmcs_pages, and can be used in the template like so: {$whmcs_pages}.

When on a generated page this variable will be defined and will have a value of true.

This can then be used to alter html markup within templates like so:

{if $whmcs_pages eq 'true'}
<!-- make your html changes, or display additional content -->
<!-- do something different -->

This method uses the smarty conditional statement methods and more details of how to use them can be found here: Smarty Conditional Statements

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