Migrating custom templates from pre 1.5.2 to new structure

Pre version 1.5.2 the content for the page was evaluated by smarty to replace template variables before displaying the content.
This feature used the smarty eval function, which since WHMCS 5.2.6 has been removed.
In the interest of still providing this great feature we have had to make a few changes to the templates.
These changes have been made to the default templates supplied with the module, if however you have develoiped your own custom templates you will need to make some changes to them as described below:

Firstly you will need to add this to the top of every custom template (if not already present):


Then further down in the template you will need to replace:

{eval var=$content}

with this snippet:

{include file="whmcspages:$id"}

This will work with any version of WHMCS, but is specifically designed to address the lack of smarty eval support in WHMCS 5.2.6

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