New Module Release! Achievements & Rewards Programme

As promised here is a new module for great customer retention. Checkout the Achievements & Rewards Programme module.

What does this module do?

We thats really up to you, it comes with a very simple admin screen where you define "sceanrios", for example:

When a User Rates a Ticket Give Them 100 Points.

Then everytime a user rates one of your tickets, you guessed it, they get given an award of 100 points.

At this point the points collected mean nothing, so now we need to create some "rewards", for example:

When a User Reaches 1000 Points, Give Them £1 Credit.

It really is that simple. We have added this to our site, and you will be collecting points from now on.

The module also features notifications, directly interacting with the v6 "notifications" feature, for these to be displayed you will need to make sure your theme supports them (the default theme does).

Whats going to be really great is the module has been developed with 3rd party module intergration in mind.

That means in the coming days i will be releasing updates for the forum, reviews and support extended modules giving you more "trigger" points to award points (replies to topic, fast tracks ticket, reviews site, etc). So you can extend your rewards programme even further.

Achievements & Rewards Programme

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