Welcome to the new WHMCS Module Shop!

No Half Pixels Modules has been repackaged as WHMCS Module Shop!

For a number of years No Half Pixels have provided WHMCS Modules, themes and services for a vast number of clients.

So much so that our WHMCS customers form a significant portion of our total client base across all of our business.

Going forward to elevate our WHMCS products and services we felt a dedicated brand and web presence was needed.

Enter the WHMCS Module Shop.

WHMCS Module shop is a dedicated source of WHMCS modules and services, we offer a wide rang of modules, custom module development, themes and services specifically for WHMCS.

WHMCS Module Shop is a trading name of No Half Pixels Ltd, all existing client accounts, orders and payment agreements will not be effected. All new payments, orders and agreements will still be made to No Half Pixels Ltd under the name of WHMCS Module Shop.

You will still be able to access the site via the https://clients.no-half-pixels.com urls, however you will be redirected to https://whmcsmoduleshop.com, our new home on the web.

All of our modules will go through a transition period where there names and the licenses are checked change from the No Half Pixels name and urls, to WHMCS Module Shop and the https://whmcsmoduleshop.com domain. This transition will not effect existing licenses, only new versions being released. We are very keen to ensure this transition does not effect our customers in anything other than positive ways. To re-iterate NO licenses or modules will cease to function, for you the customer nothing will change.

Thanks for your continued support, feel free to let us know your opinion of the new site and brand.