WHMCS Support Extended

WHMCS Support Extended Module

Opening hours, auto replies, staff hours, fast track ticket upgrades, average response times and much more.

The support extended module provides many features the whmcs support lacks "out of the box" giving you greater support control for your website and customers.

Opening Hours

Not every business provides support round the clock, and not every customer understands this. This module gives you control on when your departments are "open" by allowing you to set down to the minute opening hours for each department.

When your departments closed it displays a neat sidebar widget with titles and text you control to explain the department is closed and when it will be open. It doesnt lock the department out as no-one could open or reply to tickets, but it does let your customers know when to expect a reply.

Staff Hours

Equally not every member of staff is on duty all of the time. By default WHMCS sends notifications to all admins when tickets are updated. With this module we let you control when staff are working and disable any ticket update notifications outside of these hours on a per staff member basis. Say goodbye to multiple unread ticket notifications emails while you sleep!

Auto Ticket Replies

We have made it possible above to set when departments are closed and open, displaying a nice sidebar widget detailing when the department is open again. But what about email replies? These customers wont know your closed as they havent visited the site?

This can be handled by auto replying when out of hours messages to tickets from the admin chosen. these will get added as a normal admin response, so you can let your customers when to expect a reply.

Response Times

Every advanced ticket system has average response times, so why should your site be any different? Take advantage of the modules global and per department average response times, giving you the ability to tailor the result based on latest number of tickets to check against.

Opt Out Feedback Emails

the feedback email system in WHMCS is great to get some valuable feedback from your customers, however it can be a little intrusive. Solution: Give your clients the ability to opt out of these feedback emails using a checkbox on there proflle page!

Fast Track Tickets

WHMCS is a billing and automation platform yet provides little in the way of monetizing your support area. Yes you can generate invoices for work done during a ticket, but no way to prioritise tickets by fast tracking them.

With this module you give your customer the option to "Fast Track" there ticket. You set the price, sidebar and link text (detailing the sla's, response times, etc associated with purchasing the fast track upgrade). Your customer decides if there current request is in need of the highest priority. This is great for business effecting problems your customers need addressing asap.

Customers can choose upon opening a ticket, or at any point during the tickets life to upgrade to fast track service. When they do an invoice is generated in their currency (based on the base currency price you set in the settings). Once this invoice is paid there ticket gets marked as a "Fast Track" ticket via a pre created ticket status. Your administrators get a notification of the fast track via a dedicated admin email template, and an escalation rule is put in place to provide even more feedback to ensure you can provide the extended fast track experience.

Merge Fields

Knowing response times, opening hours and if a department is closed or open can be useful in multiple places, not just your tickets sidebar. So the module provides response time, opening hours, and closed/open variables which can be used anyway in your web template or any client email template!

Frequently Asked Questions
The standard module license is valid for 1 WHMCS install only. Further installs will require additional licenses, or purchase of the developer version.
The module purchase is a 1 time purchase, your license will be valid for the module forever. Included with the purchase is 12 months free support and updates. Upon expiry we will automatically generate a renewal invoice for the support and updates. You do not need to renew this if you wish not to. The invoice will automatically expire and be cancelled during cleanup operations. If you choose not to renew the support and updates please be aware we will offer no future support or module updates. Access to the module downloads will be revoked so please keep a copy of the lastest version befure your package expires.
This suggests the module hasn't been installed as per the install instructions. The install instructions are provided on this page, in the forum, and in the email that contains your license, please review it and follow as described. If you are still have issues please contact us.
In the module specs on this page you will see a compatibility list for this module with major versions of WHMCS. Please follow this to ensure you are using the correct version for your install. Additionally our modules are designed to be fully function with the latest version of WHMCS at all times, you can assume this is correct. We occassionally get asked if our modules are compatible with other modules. If the modules are provided by us, yes unless otherwise stated each and every one of modules work well together. If it is a module from a 3rd party, we cannot gurantee compatibility and as such will not support its use case this way (for example the multi brand module).
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Standard Version -

Lifetime License for 1 WHMCS site + 12 months support and updates.

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Developer Version -

Lifetime License for UNLIMITED WHMCS sites + 12 months support and updates.

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Version: 2.0.0
Chosen By 150 Users
V7 Compatible (>=2.0.0)
V6 Compatible (>=1.0.0)
V5 Compatible (NA)

License Information

Purchase of this module includes a lifetime license plus 1 years support and updates. After this time further support and access to the downloads will require renewal via the support and updates addon associated with the module. A renewal order will automatically be generated for your purchase after 12 months. This is an optional renewal and will not effect your license, only support and updates.

The lifetime license supplied with this module provide you the ability to use the module on 1 site only for life. The only exception to this is were a purchaser uses the supplied license and/or source code to distribute unauthorized access to the product. This will result in ALL licenses held with us being terminated WITHOUT a refund and your account being closed for current and future purchases.

* The standard license is authorized for use on 1 install.
** The developer version can be used on unlimited installs***.
*** Any alterations to source code may result in support and/or bug fixes being supplied on charged basis if they are as a result of the changes made.

Install Instructions

  1. Download and unzip the nhp_license_manager module from your license information email (if you havent already installed it from a previous purchase).
  2. Download and unzip the module download from our site.
  3. Upload both the nhp_license_manager and the module into your sites /modules/addons/ folder.
  4. Make a note of your license key.
  5. Visit your admin area and navigate to Setup / Addon Modules.
  6. Click Activate on the module.
  7. Click Configure to display the module options.
  8. Enter your license key, and check the appropriate access rights for your staff (some modules have further settings in this area which are all explained in detail).
  9. Hit save and its ready to use.