Fix CMS ensure private content is only displayed on archives when logged in Added content meta to archive pages Added CMS per type archive per page setting Added ability to choose from created_at , updated_at , order, and title for ordering asc and desc on archive pages

Created At: 10/11/2019


Fix archive ordering of CMS archives (newest first) Fix ordering of CMS content in the admin area Fix duplicate key warning on table items in admin area CMS added support for tag lines on archives and content CMS moved to using facebook comments to be consistent with announcements Updated SEO docs to include info on page titles in page templates

Created At: 09/11/2019


Fix for cms outputting results before client area hooks are run Removed excessive log message when looking for backup jobs Fix for jobs getting stuck in progress, releasing them back onto the queue Allow stuck jobs to continue by checking if file has been copied to zip before attempting again Added parent content feature to CMS Strip tags in the CMS archive templates Extend CMS...

Created At: 09/11/2019


Added Menu Manager Module

Created At: 09/11/2019


Added bcmath requirement for php when using the backup module Added support for lifetime licenses when the purchase is `Annually` Added  .gitattributes  file to remove development files in releases Added new module Custom Content

Created At: 09/11/2019


Fix ensure stats get updated when actions take place Added Support Opening Times module (full rewrite)

Created At: 09/11/2019


Prevent cms routing overload from executing in the admin area (removing 3 sql queries) Ensure active modules is always returned as an array Fix for  addon_modules  not being defined when adding sub modules to admin area menus Add Statistics module including ticket, client, and service stats 

Created At: 09/11/2019


Fix missing description in cms module Add Media Library module (full rewrite) Renamed all table prefixes from  mod_whmcs_module_shop_  to  wms_  to prevent issues on limited key size systems

Created At: 09/11/2019


Remove support for backup disks `azure`, `gcp` and `dropbox` until WHMCS update dependency on Guzzle to `~6` :-( Added cms module (full rewrite) Added sub modules to admin sidebar and main menu Reorder sub modules

Created At: 09/11/2019


Added backup module (full rewrite with jobs, schedules and disks) Remove user-land size formatting function for that of the ByteSize package (only effects debugging)

Created At: 09/11/2019